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RCE Foto is the largest Europe’s market for Second Hand Photographic gear with warranty.

RCE Foto was founded in 1965 and has grown since. Now it counts 13 Stores and over 60 partner shops in Italy and the rest of Europe.

RCE allows its customers to sell and purchase used photographic material through: the site, by contacting one of the RCE stores or one of the Partner stores.

Why RCE Foto


Our Customers define us as: serious, reliable, fast, honest, professional, fantastic, skilled, kind, unique. How did we achieve this? It’s simple: we always try to ensure the best possible product and service, giving customers even more than what they expect. This mindset allowed us, over time, to build a soldid customer base, that is enthusiastic about RCE, so much so that they talk positively about us, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.


Unprecedented turnover results in the photografic sector for 2019/2020 given that we are a group of independent Stores.
The best advertising is a satisfied Customer. Our service shall always be: honest, unique, special, “fantastic”, professional, reliable.


RCE Foto breaks the ruling of the “Top 5” Camera manufactures (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm). Selling new products is becoming ever more difficult. The comppetition is pushing down margins on sales, consequence being that retailers are having a hard time making ends meet.
We are breaking the bond with the big Camera manufacturers, making our Customers our main suppliers through the sale of used gear. This creates an almost intimate bond with the Customer, who becomes our friend an fan, allowing for a business that is based on a product that allows for greater margin and a more sustainable business.
On top of that, we are enabling the reuse of electronics, bringing a positive impact on the environment and making for a more self-aware business.


We operate in a market where competition is low.
Few to no businesses are centered on the sale of used gear.
Almost every retailer is based on the sales of new gear, treating used gear only as a small side service.
People selling privately are not competitors, as they are not able to provide the same service, warranty and reliability of a specialized photography business.


Trading pre-loved gear is an optimal strategic move.
That is not only given by the profitability, as it also combines a philosophy of ever increasing popularity: the vision of a market made more sustainable by opposing widespread consumism logics, embracing instead the idea of a sharing economy and ancountering a customer base that shares this way of thinking.


People are RCE’s focus. Trust and honesty are the pillars of our business. We believe in constant innovation: we constantly invest in researching new technologies and solutions for our business.
Our “dream team” is always developing and testing new possibilities.
We are in constant search of improvement, and we are only at the start of this journey.

Our numbers

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Our franchisees are













You can’t improvvise experience:
knowledge and passion about the world of photography is non negotiable.

Being professional is key to success.

Do you fit this description?

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    • Become part of a group that counts more than 50 years of experience in the photographic sector.
    • Become part of a unique Brand. Getting access to an interconnected and Europe-wide network of franchisees, with impressive turnovers and thhhe highest quality service in the market.
    • High margins on the products sold, plus the advantage of the VAT margin scheme.
      Exclusivity right on chosen geographical locations
    • No mandatory investment on stock
    • Constant overview of sales
    • Simplified business management
    • Continuos technological innovation combined with constant training
    • Integrated software for managing all business processes: purchase, sales, business management
    • High gains on invested capital
    • High visibility through our website and various marketplaces. Each Marketplace is automatically updated through our software.
    • Partnerships ad Advertising withthe most well known Photography websites
    • Massive online presence and interaction on social networks (Facebook, instagram and more) where we combine the website traffic with advertising investments as to reach high conversion rates.
    • Dedicated team for the updating and development of the Enteprise Resource Planning tools
    • On the job Training in the fields of business management and administration for a period of 12 weeks, directly in our headquartes (the cost of the 12 weeks training is covered).

    The RCE Stores


    What are the practical benefits of a Frachisee?

    • More than 50 years of experience in the field.
    • Targeted advertising campaigns.
    • Use of RCE trademark in your store and for advertising.
    • On the job Training in the fields of business management and administration for a period of 12 weeks, directly in our headquartes (the cost of the 12 weeks training is covered).
    • You will have your own exclusive area (no other RCE Stores nearby, within at least 20km)
    • Assisted Startup process through: market surveys, premises research, furniture installation, bureaucratic procedures etc.
    • Support for financial aid requests like defining a business plan.
    • Access to our ERP System, to our Dashboard and all the necessary technologies for a quick start.
    • Marketing support through our dedicated marketing team, helping you choose the best strategies.
    • Special agreements wit Camera service-centers of all the main brands.
    • Your Store will be added to and you will start online sales immediately ( counts more than 1.000.000 visits per month)

    What is the timing?

    Normally, from the time of signing the contract to opening, it takes about 16 weeks.

    During this period the training course is carried out and, in the meantime, the necessary works are carried out in the new store (electrical system, network, painting, furniture).

    The last week is dedicated to setting up the Store and advertising the new opening.

    How much time does the training take?

    The training takes at least 12 weeks, depending on the experience of the franchisee. During this period of time you will learn our methodologies, our philosophy, sales strategies and several aspects related to business management.

    Who selects the location for the new store?

    This activity is carried out in collaboration with the franchisee
    Our Franchisees should have knowledge about the local dynamics of the area, they can suggest possible locations.
    RCE evaluates the local competitors and helps choosing the best location.

    What is included in the furniture update?

    Our RCE Stores should give out “”photography vibes””. Every store should be more welcoming than the usual stores associated with big tec companies.

    There is no mandatory design requirements, but there are certain elements required, like: advertising sign, counter and further visual elements.

    The visible shelfs behind the counter will have some specific graphics.

    How much capital is needed?

    There is no intial activation fee.
    There are standard costs associated with the startup of a business.

    Are selling prices predetermined?

    Every area has its own market and consequently differences in pricing. There are several factors to consider in the pricing strategy, and that is an aspect covered in the trainig phase. There are no predetermined prices, but it is advised not to drive prices below the average but to make the correct price.

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